Saturday, August 9, 2008

End-of-Life Comfort Care

In the same article on the Live Strong website was information about keeping your loved one comfortable. People in the last stage of life may become easily agitated and restless. Things you can do for the patient can include:
  • keeping the light low and soft
  • playing soothing music
  • reading books aloud to them
  • sit in silence together
  • make sure your hands are warm before giving them a bath
  • gently massaging their hands and feet
  • making sure their lips and mouth are moisturized

If your patient is able to make decisions for themselves, let me give you their input about food, activities, and visitors. You can do the same things above, but give them choices. For exmaple, when reading aloud to them, ask what they want to hear or if they want the blinds open or the lights off. These abilities to make small decisions will make them feel important and provide comfort to them. Making some of these decisions for them may only agitate them more.

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